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We believe in empowering people through impactful story telling. do you have a story? We can help tell it.
See how we've helped a variety of people tell their stories...

Hope in Turkey

Case Study

Hope Humanitarians serve the world's most vulnerable with an emphasis on refugees and orphans. We work in 9 different countries around the globe.

Passion in You

Case Study

This program gives Young Living brand partners and employees around the world the opportunity to raise awareness and funding for causes they care about.

Hope in the DR

Case Study

Hope Humanitarian teamed up with the Starfish Foundation to build homes for families suffering in the Dominican Republic.

Cinematic Drone Videos
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We believe in empowering people through impactful story telling. do you have a story? We can help tell it.
Capturing the travel feels of incredible places around the world.


Explore the town of Boquete like never before. Fly around the town and see why they say this is the premiere destination to retirement.

Bambuda Castle

See why the Bambuda Castle is the #1 Hostel in Panama. Come fly around this magical place and explore this much talked about town.

Oregon is Calling you

Oregon is a place surrounded by beauty and free spirits. Come join me as we fly around this incredible destination and see why it's the perfect get away.

Documented Adventures
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We believe in empowering people through impactful story telling. do you have a story? We can help tell it.
Our memories are fleeting, so now I document the stories I want to remember.

Wake Surfing

The water was super low this year, but we still managed to get a little group surfing in. Watch as 2 riders show us how to ride on someones shoulders.

Rock Climbing

For the adrenaline junky, this will get your heart pumping. Rock climbing is a lot of fun, but you really can't appreciate it like you can from a birds eye view.

Paddle Boarding

Every year the Salmon make a run for it down the Causie Reservior. The colors are beautiful and it's just so peaceful floating down the Reservior listening to the sounds of nature.

Here's how the process works
We believe in empowering people through impactful story telling. do you have a story? We can help tell it.
We'll walk you through the step by step of how we create great content


To get in the middle of the action, I try to keep it light. I like to run and gun with my Sony a7siii, packed with my 24 mm 1.4 for most cinematic shots and my 50 mm 1.2 for close detail shots. My bag consist of nanlites, batteries, a gimbal, drone and a B-Cam for capturing other angles. I've learned to think quick and know what shots work and what shots won't.

Drone Piloting

There is a drone for  every occasion. Maybe you want to film a birthday party and need a small drone with bumpers to fly through small spaces, we have that. Or maybe you're making an epic film and need a cinematic drone sequence, we have the complete lineup to capture that moment. Other times you want to capture a high octane dirt bike sequence and need something faster, then we can bring out the FPV.

Editing & Color

I've been editing for the past 20 years and never has this process been so full of capabilites!  With the Apple M1 chip, combined with Final Cut Studio and their array of plugins, we finally have tools fast enough to keep up with the creativity. I've learned to pay close attention to detail, composition, lighting and pacing. A good color grade can really set a tone. Finding the right music and pacing is crucial.

Sound Design

Nothing moves your soul like sound. Good music can transport you back in time, or move you into a stronger you. We pay close attention to every sound, the way it moves the viewers emotion from one scene to the next. A well directed ambience can create presence: spacial audio, like footsteps approaching from behind you to the left, can intrigue and involve the viewer in a way that pure visuals can't. Nothing takes your video to the next level like great sound design.

Motion & VFX

Now that your video has been filmed, edited and color graded, it's time to add titles, lower thirds and any visual effects you may want to add to your project. We can camera track your footage and add anything you want to a shot. If you want BIG letters on the wall of a canyon or building to tell a message or call to action, we can do that. If you want a spaceship showing up at your kids birthday party and sucking up the neighbor kid, we can do that. The point is, we can do it. Lets get creative!


Alright alright, all the creative stuff is done. Time to market your project! If you would like us to handle this from start to finish, then this is how it works: We'll make you a website, optimize for SEO, create social media content and help you build brand awareness. This process requires energy and excitement. Let's get you some swag and start getting your audience pumped.

Help People. Tell Stories. Change Lives.
We believe in empowering people through impactful story telling. Do you have a story to tell? We can help you tell it.
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