Documenting Adventures

I love traveling and documenting my experiences. Here are a few videos from my recent adventures.

Wake Surfing

Pineview, Utah is one of my favorite places to go boating. Even though the water was super low this year, we still managed to get a little group surfing in. Watch as 2 riders show us how to ride on someones shoulders.

A Grand Canyon Adventure

Hiking the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim in one day is quite the hike. You traverse up and down the Canyon Terrain for over 24 miles. You need to get up early if you're gonna make it. Here's what the hike was like for us.

Paddle Boarding

Every year the Salmon make a run for it down the Causie Reservior. This year we thought we'd go see it first hand. Floating down this reservior is one of my favorite place to paddle board. The colors are beautiful and it's just so peaceful down floating down the water.


Rock Climbing

For the adrenaline junky, this will get your heart pumping. Rock climbing is a lot of fun, but you really can't appreciate it like you can from a birds eye view. I took to the skies to capture some aerial shots of a few of my friends climbing this popular cliff side.

5 Mile RZR Ride

This popular off roading spot brings thousands of extreme riders every year, from dirt bikes to 4x4's. It was fun trying to capture the speed and intensity of taking one of these bad boys off road. As the sun sets and we start blazing these trails, we capture some awesome moments.

OneWheel the Santa Monica Pier

California is such a beautiful place. Home of a few of my best friends. I try and make it down to visit them and the beach a few times a year. I just love riding my one wheel around the beach for some wind in my hair as I ride around enjoying the sunset and sound of the ocean.

OneWheel Murdock Trail

Not everything needs to be an epic adventure. Sometimes you just wanna grab your OneWheel, camera and go. Just took a little ride around with a good friend of mine to clear my head and live in the moment. This trail goes on forever and makes for such a smooth and peaceful ride.

Racing Dolphins. Who wins?

During covid, we basically had the lake to ourselves. Well.. Us and the dolphins. We thought we'd play a little game and see who could circle the lake the fastest. Join us on this ride. Who do you think one this race?



All expeditions are currently on hold because of COVID-19. We anxiously look forward to restarting expeditions. In the meanwhile, your donations allow us to send funds to our in-country partners, who continue to help some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

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