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As the Creative Director I was tasked with making engaging social media videos throughout the seasons. I lead a team of artist in making UI/UX for an array of internal and external projects over the years.
Creative Director (Social Media) - Jason Stith

American Airlines introduces new routes



Back to the Future Day

To celebrate Back to the Future Day, we created a video that flies the Delorean next to on old American Airlines plane and flies to the same day in the movie on Oct 21st 2015. This was the day we posted the video. The video had over a million views the first day. People obviously love Back to the Future.

New Route to Henada

American Airlines is constantly add new routes to their flight schedule and they wanted a creative way to introduce those routes to their customers. This is one in a series of videos created to bring awareness and excitement to the community.

Happy Hollidays from American Airlines

It's the Holliday Season again and American Airlines wanted a festive way of saying Happy Hollidays to their customers. The tree and airplane were created and animated in 3ds Max and composited in After Effects.

Counting down a New Year

Alright, we're counting down to a new year. American Airlines wanted a creative way to countdown with their audience. This video counts down in elevation as the plane comes in for a landing. 3DS Max and After Effects were used to make this.

Valentines Day - Hearts Ad

Love is in the air. American Airlines wanted a branded way to show off their new icons in a fun way. An array of hearts were placed in the shape of the AA logo to be revealed on a camera pull out. 3DS Max and After Effects were used to create the ad.

Valentines Day - Follow Line Ad

Sometimes love doesn't happen the way you think. American Airlines wanted a heartfelt animation to show the different ways you fall in love and how we American Airlines can get you to where you want to go.

4th of July Ad

Bring on the Fireworks! It's 4th of July and everybody is celebrating. American Airlines wanted to show all the cities that they fly to while celebrating our freedom. This video shows fireworks going off in those cities and reveals fireworks throughout the country

Thanksgiving Ad

For Thanksgiving American Airlines just wanted a creative way to say Happy Thanksgiving to their customers. A runway was designed in the shape of Happy Thanksgiving and then a pullout to reveal the message. This was crteated in AE.

Flight Preview App

American Airlines is launching a new flight preview app and they needed a simple way to show their customers how to use that app. This is a walk through on how it works and what to expect.

Travel Planner

The travel planner is an app created mainly for internal use to help American Airlines employees better plan for their travels. American asked for an upbeat way to show a lot of copy with out being boring. This video was created with Kinetic Typography in mind along with fast upbeat music.



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