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4th Wall VFX focuses on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mobile App Development, Motion Graphics, Animation, Product Renderings, Exploded Product Views, Digital 3D Modeling, Motion Capture, 3D Digital Scanning, Full CGI to Live-Action Complement, and more.
Jason Stith Media Profile
Director: Jason Stith
Producer: Jarom Sidwell

4th Wall FX teams with Immersive to bring you David vs Goliath in Virtual Reality



David Vs Goliath - VR Game Trailer

Everybody loves an underdog story. And this may be one of the most famous underdog stories of all time. Become David in VR and learn to use your sling by fighting off wolves, lions and Bears until you're prepared for the ultimate battle. David VS. Goliath in this intense journey of Conquering Giants

Jim Thorpe - Documentary

one of the most accomplished all-around athletes in history who in 1950 was selected by American sportswriters and broadcasters as the greatest athlete. The Jim Thorpe foundation asked us to create an animated documentary using the all the original pictures from his day.

Golden Works Logo - Animation

Golden Works was looking to bring value to their brand by creating a strong logo animation. 3DS Max and After Effects were used to bring this logo to life.

Dragon - Animation

GDE was looking for a fun way to gamify the screens on the back of the airline seats. This dragon was created to capture the customers attention and encourage them to play around on the site more.